Just an RN trying to figure out my place!

I say Again because one, I was; two, thought I was; three because I was trying so hard to be and finally now I have felt it after too much strife. Feeling content and at peace with yourself and the untarnished pride of your profession as a RN is shall they say priceless. No matter what level of nursing you practice, I feel now that if you are truly content in your role, that the multitude of outside factors just won’t interfere with that state of mind. And if they are, listen to your gut, prepare for an exit, a change or just run! Every female and male (in their own way) nurse experience a time in their life, both in their professional and personal life where they travel down that road of what experts call a “mid life crisis!” Yes, I’m only reaching out to the folks in their forties and fifties whether they’ve been a nurse for 20 years or 10, it will happen! So those who are younger, be prepared and those older, help those with the struggle because as I’ve learned, it occurs in the mass population of our best comrades. It happened this past year and I’m coming out the other side and want to say, it does get better. The luster and excitement that accompanies the gratification of this career you’ve chosen can re-emerge! My hope and goal here is that just one person finds this blog of mine and says “she totally gets it” just like all we need in our lifetime of a career is to make a difference in one patients life. This is my first time and I’m healing, so please be kind, encouraging and advise with productive criticism to any and all who choose to join or comment.

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