I read a post this week about the RN and their own physical pains. I found it very comforting and straight to the point. Healthcare staff are ranked pretty high with chronic pain issues but find it within themselves to overlook our own limitations to care for others. If you’ve provided any type of care directly at bedside, it’s likely that something is going to wear down in your body.

Why do we push thru our own inflections to help others with theirs? We chose nursing as a passion and career to assist those who can’t or won’t help themselves. We assess, care, implement healing processes, assist others caring for them, educate and God willing, see them thru to good health. Why don’t we do the same for ourselves? We are supposed to be the strong, reliable and willing participants in the care of others.

Don’t be ashamed! It’s ok to be sick, to hurt and to take what we need to do what we love. Love yourself…it’s not very complicated but we make it that way in our minds. We’re letting down our families, our coworkers and anyone else our imaginations can muster up. If you need one day or ten, take it. Not only is it yours to take but you’ve earned it. As a past nurse leader, when staff member call in, unless it’s habitual, I don’t give it a second thought after readjustment of plan for the day.

You have to be a little selfish, not in most our natures to take time to care for yourself. It can be physically, mentally or emotionally, but you’ll be the better for it.

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